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What Makes a Great Coach?

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To all coaches, leaders, senior managers, sports coaches, and parents: If you want to learn, grow, become better at coaching, and maximize the potential in your players, clients, or team, then this book is for you. Regardless of the work we do or the industry we’re in, as leaders and managers, we need to grow and develop our people, to enable them to achieve high performance. From the front-line manager to the boardroom, it isn't enough to direct and tell people what to do. We need to drive innovation, accountability, and performance in our teams. And that is what this book is all about.

Based on extensive research from the world's leading tennis, sport, and business coaches, What Makes a Great Coach? unlocks the secrets from over 500 coaches and the top 10 practices of these coaches. Told through the eyes of Emma's own personal and raw journey towards elite coaching, What Makes a Great Coach? features stories, quotes, and inspiration from past and current coaching legends, including the coaches of many former World No. 1s. What Makes a Great Coach? provides the much-needed authentic, practical, and relatable guide to becoming a better coach.

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