Emma Doyle's keynote talks have been described as engaging, energetic, realistic and authentic as she understands how to build rapport with her audience. Emma believes in experiential learning (even via Zoom) to help make the learning 'stick' that consequently invite people to take inspired action. Emma blends and translates her experience as a high-performance coach directly into the workplace helping to impact your ROI due to IOR (an improvement on relationships).





What Makes a Great Coach?

We unpack what all great coaches have in common and how you must adopt these coaching tools in 2022. 

Stretch your Comfort Zone

Build your self-esteem one layer at a time by focusing on having consistent routines and habits. Engage a mentor!

Confidence Factor

Learn how to adopt practical confidence-building strategies that the best coaches and athletes in the world utilize.

Gender Equality - Language Matters

Become aware of your subconscious bias and learn how to engage, develop and empower women in the workplace to create a safe, creative, and belonging environment.

Building Successful Teams

Focuses on creative Zoom team building techniques & the team’s values that drive their subsequent behaviours.

Energy Signature

What's your energy signature? How to maximise your energy to empower yourself and others.

What do all Champions have in common?

Learn about the top 5 traits that all champions have in common and how you can access a high-performance mindset as well.

What can we Learn from Failure?

Learn about the top 7 reasons why elite athletes fail in sport and apply the lessons to be learned directly into your life.