Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching with Emma Doyle is about helping individuals perform under pressure. Emma takes her clients on a journey that focuses on accelerated change on a 1, 2 or 3-month process, depending on your level of commitment. Emma does not charge per hour or per session, the work takes place on a monthly basis specializing in harnessing energy, empowering people to take authentic action in order to see real possibilities beyond what they ever could have imagined, unleashing human potential.



Focus On You

Every top person in every academic, sporting, or professional pursuit has a coach. Executive coaching used to be available in organisations to “the chosen few” or for “remedial purposes”, but today more and more one-on-one coaching is spread across the leadership levels to achieve a great impact on the individual and the business.

Executives and senior managers choose an external coach because of the confidentiality, trust, confidence and the ability to talk openly. These qualities are created within the coaching relationship and it is brilliant to have some time to focus only on you.

High-Quality Executive Coaching

Open Door delivers a set of high-quality Executive Coaching services that includes the support, motivation, encouragement, planning and complementary business and leadership skills that senior managers and executives need to achieve their organisational goals and to effectively manage teams and stakeholders.

The Executive Coaching Program is designed to capture and capitalise upon the wealth of experience held by the individual and to further develop their abilities in specific areas of needs.

Personalised Program

The program is held over a period of 1-3 months to ensure that goals are being implemented and results are being achieved. The program also has built-in flexibility to respond to “just in time” needs.

Coaching is conducted on a weekly or fortnightly basis initially and then drops back to each 3-4 weeks, depending on schedules and needs.

Review Sessions are also built into the Program, to enable feedback to stakeholders and to track progress.

The process for responding to individual needs

The following diagram shows the flow of activities to respond to an individual’s need for their coaching program.

Open door image update.jpeg