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Unleashing Human Potential



Speaker, Coach, Trainer, & Author

"G'day, I'm Emma Doyle and I help companies train their managers and leaders on how to COACH their team members to avoid burnout, retain talent, and maximize performance for success."

Meet Emma

Emma Doyle - The Renowned Energy and High Performance Coach Empowering Individuals and Organizations to Reach Their Full Potential.

In today's complex world, executives and companies encounter a myriad of challenges. Enter Emma Doyle, an exceptional Energy and Performance Coach who not only guides her clients through these obstacles but also equips them with the skills to thrive under pressure.

Emma's collaboration with Open Door Coaching has led her to train managers and leaders in the United States, imparting invaluable knowledge on fostering a coaching culture within the workplace. Her expertise extends beyond coaching, as she is also an accomplished author, mentor, and highly sought-after keynote speaker on the global stage.

As the author of the book titled "What Makes a Great Coach?", Emma possesses a profound understanding of the qualities that define exceptional coaching. She firmly believes that combining coaching skills with the cultivation of individual and organizational energy, purpose, and performance under pressure is paramount for successful coaches and leaders. Emma recognizes that sustainable change is the product of consistent daily actions and the implementation of proven coaching tools, resulting in the ability to inspire, improve, and impact people.

With a distinguished background as a tennis touring professional and extensive experience as a talent development coach, Emma brings a wealth of expertise to her role as a High-Performance Coach. Having represented Australia as a National coach on 20 occasions, she possesses a unique perspective on communication and coaching that motivates individuals to take decisive action. Emma provides practical coaching tools that empower coaches to effectively engage and inspire others, enabling them to develop a high-performing mindset, harness their energy, and excel under pressure both in their personal lives and professional endeavors.


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Become a Coach

Emma Doyle and Open Door Coaching have partnered together to help you get started on your journey with an ICF (International Coaching Federation) recognized qualification - High Performance Workplace Coaching Certification. Some of the benefits of becoming a qualified workplace coach and being certified with the ICF include improving personal work performance, increasing team productivity, coaching people through change and conflict and gaining time back through developing your leaders.

Keynote Speaker

Emma Doyle is a Keynote Speaker originally from Melbourne, Australia helping you turn your motivation into activation. Emma's keynotes are engaging, ignite energy and leave the audience inspired to take action. She draws upon her background as a high-performance tennis coach to teach the business world how to coach for success in Sport and Business. Many of her talks focus on 'What Makes a Great Coach?' and how to bring these qualities to life in order to unleash human potential. 

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. These coaching sessions focus on your individual needs helping you to become more self-aware, re-energize your routines and habits in order to connect to your purpose. Emma Specializes in helping people with their energy management and embracing the hybrid workplace in order to perform under pressure and discover your inner coach.

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Claire Nelson, Netball Scotland CEO

“Emma Doyle has the unique ability to smash through your limiting beliefs and barriers to unlock and unleash your true potential.  By stretching your comfort zone and equipping you with an array of practical tools and exercises, she prepares you for success. 
Full of energy and with a wealth of top-flight experience and expertise under her belt, Emma helped our UWS Sirens Netball Superleague athletes to find their ‘Super Powers’ and to commit to behaviours that will drive the core values and vision of the team as they compete for the League title #NoLimits.”

Interested in joining my community of satisfied clients? Contact me today.


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“Emma is one of the most dynamic and professional coaches I have ever met. She has developed an impressive range of workshops and keynote talks. She is an effervescent Australian who has so much energy and passion. She is everything that you would want coaches to embody. You are in for a real treat. She’s brilliant.” - JUDY MURRAY, OBE, SCOTLAND

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